By agreeing to purchase a product from DireCreatures.com (the artist) and sending payment, you are indicating that you (the client) have read and agree to all of the terms outlined below. 


Clear and concise references (or description of request) must be provided by the client before the artist will give a preliminary quote. Any unacceptable concept art will be turned down.

The client must discuss any deadlines with the artist before any deposit or agreement to start work is made. The artist reserves the right to turn down work with unobtainable or unreasonable deadlines.

The accepting of any rush orders and all fees related to such are up the the artist's discretion. Any/all rush fees will be clearly communicated to the client and included in the initial quote. Additional rush fee may apply up to 200% of price quote.

The client acknowledges that they cannot request an artistic style different from the style presented in the artist’s sample image(s).


The Artist assign a slot to the Client with rough time of completion. Client understands there is no fixed deadline and date of completion can change at any time.

All packet are sent by Česká Pošta (Czech Post) or PPL (DHL Group) and comes with tracking number and insurance. We ship internationally.

The Artist is not responsible for any additional import fees and customs.

The Artist is not responsible for any delayed, lost, or damaged packages caused by the delivery company.


A duct tape dummy is required for all personal fullbody costume projects. This must be received by the artist before any work is scheduled to begin, but not sooner than 2 months prior assigned month. DTDs received too soon might have fitting issues. Please note, that Warranty repairs does not apply to this case.

If a DTD is not received before assigned month begin, then the artist reserves the right to cancel the project without any refund possible.

Any client DTD received without the seams taped satisfactory will incur a $50 labor surcharge.

Please mark the DTD with your name and/or project so it can be easily identified.


The product will be sold for the price settled upon via communications between the client and the artist. 

50% of this final price is non-refundable if the client cancels the project contract. This cancellation fee covers the artist's lost time and wages spent on consultation, research, and design of the project (even if no product has yet been made). Upon cancellation, the client will not be entitled to any of these pre-commission designs or materials as they are solely the intellectual/physical property of DireCreatures.

All prices are in EUR. Payments accepted via Revolut, international bank orders or SEPA payments. 


 Once the product is completed and shipped, if sizing or fitting issues occur, the suit will be altered for free with shipping costs at the expense of the artist for the first month.

After one month from delivery, shipping to and from the artist will be at the cost of the client, and they may be charged for the cost of any materials or labour.

This above warranty is void under misuse of the costume by the client. It does not cover sizing issues caused by a poorly-made DTD nor does it cover any changes in the client's preferences or proportions since when the DTD was made.

Misuse include lack of cleaning, rough-handling (as outlined in the care sheet), or any physical adjustments to the costume (cutting/gluing/etc). It also includes catastrophic events such as (but not limited to) flooding or fire.

The client understands and accepts that he/she/them are familiar with quality the artist offers.


The artist reserves the right to cancel any commission; at any stage of the process; if the client is rude, threatening/dangerous, or otherwise unreasonable to work with.

The amount of refund will vary on how much work we have done on the project.

Artist reserves the right to complete the canceled project any way we choose and put it on auction.

Once the costume has been finished and/or delivered there are no returns accepted. Any costume that cannot be delivered (due to lack of payment and/or delivery address) will be held for 3 months (incurring a 20€/week storage fee) and then sold.

The client understands that there is no guarantee of a refund due to satisfaction of the final product. 


Do not use any of my products while performing dangerous activities. No piece of mine is tested for any sort of rough use and is most definitely not to be used in place of proper safety gear in any situation!

Please be careful and mindful of your surroundings while wearing a mask or a mask created from one of my blanks. Despite possible good vision in a resin blank or mask, There is still a lot of blind area. Please practice safe activities while wearing a mask or any costume piece. Having someone with you (a "spotter") that is NOT wearing any obstruction of vision with you when you wear your costume is very important!

Please do not force any person besides yourself to come in contact with your costume or costume piece. On that case, ALSO please do not allow in-experienced individuals get a hold of your costume piece!

-  "in-experienced": Individuals that have not read, or were not informed of these warnings, have not had explanation of how to treat a costume or costume piece of this sort, or anyone under the legal age of adulthood. In this case The costume belongs to you. But Just keep it out of the reach of someone that could take it and misuse it, resulting in either the costume becoming damaged or the person becoming injured.

- Many parts of these costumes are made of a hard substance (plastic resin) When used incorrectly, They can hurt someone. Roughhousing in your costume with yourself or any others is not appropriate and can result in injury!

Just please be careful with your costume. I want to create these costumes for your happiness, Please use them in a manner where you and those around you can stay that way!