About DireCreatures

DireCreatures is small costume & creature design studio located in Prague, Czech Republic. Started business in 2016 making realistic costumes only, but later we started experimenting a bit with other styles as well and now we offer large variety of services and styles. We offer DIY costume kits, custom plush works, art dolls and other merchandise as well.


Custom 3D models

We make our own 3D models and print everything in our small 3D printing farm only from highest quality Prusament PETG. Custom 3D models are easy to update to fit customer's requirements and limitations.

Highest quality materials

Details matter. We develop everything carefully to deliver only best quality possible. All silicone parts are made from medical grade silicone only.

Custom electronics

Every commission receive free muzzle fan built in the mask operated by powerbank and sewn pocket for safe storing.

We offer LED eyes as well.

Quality of craftmanship

All sewn parts are machine sewn, and overlocked/zig zag stitched for better durability.

Gloves / feet are lined with lycra fabric for better comfort. 

Zippers are clean and easy to operate.

we apply "the 15 foot theatre rule". Therefore, our costumes looks best from 15 foot / 4,5m distance.