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Costume style


Standard heads are 3D printed in quality Prusament PETG or casted soft foam (toony styles)

All our heads feature installed fan for better comfort, hidden zipper and adjustable head harness.

Bodysuit options

Standard bodysuits are sewn with sewing machine and overlocked/zigzag stitched for extra durability.

Digitigrade padding means illusion of animal feet.

medium markings - tattoo/ornament on part of body.

complex markings - cheetah/leopard/jaguar like spots, rosettes or tiger like stripes.

Handpaws & Feetpaws

All handpaws comes lined with lycra material

Indoor feetpaws have fur + sewn pawpads on bottom of the feet. Not suitable for outdoor use, as the sole fur will be worn out/damaged quickly. Protective sandals are highly recommended for outdoor use.

"Sockpaws" - type of feet which are only sewn and filled with soft polyfill. Suitable for home wear

"Foam paws" are built from upholstery foam and shaped to desired shape.


Character sheet / references

please send us clean reference sheet, with at least 2 views - front + back. Side view is recommended too.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you as soon as possible :)