Frequently asked questions

Costume FAQ

Are the dyes you use permanent?

No, but with proper washing, they should keep from fading through many washings. All costumes are entitled to one free dye touch-up over the lifetime of the costume.

How do you see out of one of those masks with glass eyes?

Vision is through the "tear ducts" - the dark areas on the inside corners of each eye. You can't see through the glass eyes themselves, since the paint on the eyes is opaque.

What are your masks made of?

Unless otherwise stated, our masks are made from a cast resin shell, and covered in whatever material - faux fur, fleece, paint, etc.

How durable are your costumes? Can I wrestle/play sports/perform acrobatics while wearing them?

Standard-built costumes (as in costumes not built to withstand more demanding requirements) are built as with any special-occasion garment, they need to be treated with care and are not for daily use.

How do I ask for a repair?

Send us an email at any time letting us know what you would like fixed, and we will be happy to make the repair as soon as there is an opening (usually this is the beginning of a queue, unless the repair is minor). Photos of the damage are appreciated, as that gives us a good idea of the extent of the damage and what (in terms of time and cost) will be required to repair it.
If the costume is still under warranty, any damage that occurs due to workmanship problems or material failures will be repaired free of charge. Repairs after warranty will be quoted based on the nature of the repair.

Quote and commission FAQ

What are your costume prices?

Email us to get an official quote on your project.

I live outside the EU, can I still commission? Are there any special arrangements that would need to be made?

We are more than happy to take international orders.

International customers are expected to pay for international shipping and insurance, which will be quoted based on location. Usually this is about 40€ for small packages, or 60€ for larger packages (this can vary based on location, insurance amount, and package size/weight). You may also be charged import duties and fees upon receiving your shipment.
We will not mark packages as “gift” to avoid customs fees, as this is illegal.
We have no control over what happens in international customs. There can be delays and/or fees, and we have no way of knowing what to expect because it varies by country, and other factors. Please be prepared to deal with your local customs office.

I'm looking for an animal costume in a more "toony" or mascot style. Can you do that?

Yes! Send us email to discuss possibilities and details.

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